Exhibit No. 1

CallAir Snow Car, c. 1950


Snow cars were manufactured at the Call Aircraft Factory from the late 1940s into the 1950s. They were an adaptation of the CallAir passenger plane. They were used for recreation and to access remote areas during the extended Star Valley winters. Two popular destinations for snow car enthusiasts were Granite Hot Springs near Hoback Junction (still open today) and Sam Young’s Greys River Ranch (east of Alpine). A forerunner of today’s snowmobiles, snow cars were used for both winter fun and winter work.

Barlow Call was a test pilot trained in the war. He used airplanes to hunt coyotes and measure snow. He could take off from remote fields and mountain slopes and land “on a dime.” He sometimes took off from the parking lot. He would fly over the landing field, cut his engine and holler down to the people below. On the right day he would fly directly at Star Hill east of Afton where the wind would lift his plane high into the air. Above the intermittent spring he would turn off the engine and soar. Then to start the engine he would put the plane into a dive. When the airspeed reached “max” the engine would “kick over.” Like the CallAir he flew, Barlow Call is an unforgettable legend.